Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ok, so what is THIS all about????

I've had this blog named for some time now. . . but have not posted to it. So, you may ask, what gives? Well, I'll tell you. . .

This is going to be the new place for my creations. The name comes from my youngest little man who says, "peekyboo" instead of "peek a boo." Cute? I thought so. And, NO, I'm not affiliated with the over the shoulder boulder hider for breastfeeding. . .although, THAT is a GREAT invention & a GREAT idea.

I have ideas in the works for my inventions. Some are completely original ideas & others are borrowed. I will give credit where credit is due. And if I somehow fail to acknowledge something you may have created. . . please be kind. There are SO MANY creations out there that sometimes more than one person creates very similar items. I am in no way stealing. . .I promise. So that's my disclaimer:)

Don't be too surprised if it takes me a while to get my act together. . . this is a busy time. ..

Hope to see you all soon:)

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