Sunday, October 26, 2008

Bean Bags

Spencer's "Friend" Birthday party was yesterday - yes, early. . . like a month early. . .but we were holding out hope to have it outside. We planned a Flag Football Birthday Party. . .and then the weather guy said it was going to rain. . . what do they know? I had to whip up Plan B - Bean Bags & Twister! So I needed to get bean bags. . .but they ones at the store were WAY too expensive & they were just too wimpy with hardly any weight to them. So I bought some dried pinto beans & used material I had on hand to create these babies. . . raw edges & all. Spencer said to me on Friday night, "Mom, you're the best Mom in the world. I'm going to remember that." How COOL is that?
We did get to have Flag Football. . complete with lines painted on the "field." I even purchased black make up for their faces. There was no sun to be found. . but the glare from their smiles was enough:)

I'm a cool mom:)

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