Wednesday, October 15, 2008

BLOOM!!! Finally finished

Isn't she beautiful? I just love this pattern. It really is a great first quilt. Don't let the time I took to complete it reflect on the difficulty. I have been busy so the binding had to wait for a bit. I did this all by myself (OK, Mom did help with some of the cutting of the applique pieces). I even quilted this all by myself! I'm quite proud:)

the back had to be pieced together too. . . I kind of "winged" this a bit. I didn't use any particular pattern to quilt it. It's definately not a "typical" quilt because of this. I can see how this could become addicting. I already daydream about different designs & color combos. This is a gift for my cousin who is due with her first baby any day now. I really want to keep it. . .but I guess I'll just have to get creating another one:)


Bridget said...

I love it! Yours turned out great. Now I feel pressured to finish mine.

In Blog-land My Name is Lola.... said...

Hey! I made that same quilt....but i like your colors better! Good Job!

Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh! That's awesome!