Monday, October 27, 2008

These pumpkins by Deb are so stinkin' cute & easy that I HAD to try them out! No sewing involved. . . . but I'm warning you. . .be very cautious. . . You will find yourself sacrificing your last hair tie/ponytail holder for the rubber bands because you just have to make one or two. Here are my little cuties. . . I didn't use sweaters. I used the bottom of some old corduroy pants. I also used dried pinto beans in the bottoms to give them more weight. Oh, and when I ran out of fiberfill. . .I used scrap pieces of fabric left from my bean bag adventure. (I don't throw anything away.) I think I have a couple of worn out sweaters that will accent this combo very nicely. . . and I do believe that sweaters will be easier to work with. As you can see, corduroy gets a little bunchy. And I used yarn. It's no wonder I don't get enough sleep.

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Liz said...

These are so cute!